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What if...

What if butterflies were really made from butter?

Doc/Fest 19 - Reflection

I usually update the blog as I go each day but this year it just didn't happen. I've therefore decided to do a post on reflection.

Doc/Fest 19 - Thursday 6th June

It has begun, after popping down to the Delegate Centre this morning to pick up my pass and bag of stuff. 10:00I'm up at the Doc/Fest Exchange with my little Macbook right now after having a wander around the festival sites. The Alternate Realities at Site Square looks interesting, I'll be popping down there later to check things

Doc/Fest 19 - Wednesday 5th June

It's almost time for Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019; I was excited to see the Exchange being setup on Tudor Square yesterday and the flags leading down towards the station as well as the ITV setup at The Showroom this evening. One thing that I will sorely miss this year is our old studio on Arundel Street; during the past few

Sheffield Doc/Fest 6-11th June 2019

Paul Massey is a delegate at Doc/Fest once again this year which runs from 7th - 12th June. If you happen to see him; please say hello!